An individuals 'life-style and leisure' pavillion:

Sunny South Leisure Pavilion is a weekend retreat on a five-acre urban estate in Piliyandala, Sri Lanka. Designed on the slogan of "Less is More,", the project comprises a 6m high, Jak wood collonaded pavilion, sheltering verandas, living and dining spaces, service and utility areas, together with a open terrace, visually connecting the pool, pavilion, and lake.

Situated on Bolgoda Lake, half hours drive from Colombo, it includes 4 private bedrooms, and a recreational upper deck located above. All spaces respond fully to natural ventilation, taking full advantage of the prevailing lake breezes. incorporating all required spaces for tropical living and socializing the large gable roof is the dominating feature of the design, functioning as a gigantic umbrella. The owner’s extensive vintage car collection is accommodated on the fringe, within simple display pavilions, forming an interesting, visual edge to the extensive lawns and pool.

Project area 900 sqm. Project Cost 60M SLR. Completed in 2015.