Good Architecture, addresses a functional need, delights the senses and ultimately elevates the human spirit.

Architecture to me has to be experiential, combining a series of experiences into a program. A program, which interprets the building's function.

I am a firm believer in the civilizing influence of Architecture.

Good Architecture is sensuous, heightens the 5 senses, and manipulates human experiences by tugging at the human psyche, whilst choreographing and facilitating encounters, Encounters with nature,
Encounters with loved ones,
Encounters with others of the species,
Ultimately creating a civilizing influence on human behavior, and society as a whole.


Archt. Bernard Gomez founded his own practice 20 years ago, BGJF CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT. LTD. Which the practice has built a reputation for dedication to design excellence, creating value addition, through innovation, and meticulous execution of projects. The practice has become associated as a brand, sought after by discerning clientele in Sri Lanka. This dedication to excellence has resulted in several international commissions, primarily in India and the Far East where the practice is heavily involved in several Commercial, Residential and Hotel Developments. BGJF's attention to detail and delivering projects of quality, within budget and Time has also been recognized by CIDA, the SriLanka Construction Authority, with Project Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2014 for the Dialog Axiata Headquarters, Union Place, and the Mercedes Benz, Center for Excellence, Thotalaga, respectively. The practice has also been awarded Design Excellence awards by Asia Pacific Property Awards for the Mercedes Benz, Center for Excellence for Mixed Use Architecture, and Sunny South Leisure Pavillion, for Residential Architecture respectively.

Using an integrated approach, the practice combines studied innovation in Design, with state of the art technology, using the best out-sourced consultancy available in Structural Engineering, Services Engineering, and other technologies.

Borrowing on culture and tradition, whilst taking advantage of current advances in technology, their approach to Architectural, Landscape and Interior Design, combines a seamless series of spatial experiences, which activate sensory perception, enhance function, and delight users.